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Welcome to Vision Plus Security Systems. We are one of the leading sales and service provider of Electronics security systems in Chennai. The Electronic Security Systems dealing by us are CCTV Security Systems, Access Control Systems, Time Attendance Systems, Burglar Alarms, and Audio Video Door (Bells) Phones.

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CCTV security system is used for surveillance purpose to monitor the areas such as House,Office,Factory,Banks,Stores,Schools Colleges,and more. It controls the crimes and gives the safer & peaceful life. You can record the video and you can play it back whenever you want. Many more type of cameras are available depending upon their coverage distance and clearity.

CCTV cameras are normally categorised by Dome camera, IR camera, IR dual camera, IP camera, CS Mount camera, WDR camera, Zoom camera, and Speed dome camera. Indoor camera & Outdoor camera are the two types, categorized by the camera's body. As their name indicates, indoor cameras are used for indoor applications and outdoor cameras are used to outdoor applications.
DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is used to record the video captured by cameras.Normally cameras are connected to DVR and the output of DVR is connected to a monitor.The monitor may be CRT,LCD, or Flat screen of television or computer monitor.
There are two types of DVRs : 1. Stand Alone DVR (No need of computer) 2. PC Based DVR card (Interfaced with computer).

Access Control System is used to control the unwanted entry in your premises.It eliminates the unauthorized entries. It only allows authorized persons. Now a days, there are two major type in ACS, i.e., 1. Proximity Card Based Access Control System and 2.Biometric Based Access Control System.

!.Proximity Card ACS: The basic principle is, showing the card infront of the card reader to get accessed. 2.Biometric Based ACS: The basic principle is, placing the finger on the biometric reader or facing the eyes infront of the reader to get accessed.
Electro Magnetic Lock is used to lock the doors in access control system. Normally the access controlled doors are remain closed by this EM lock and it is unlocked when an entry or exit is accepted by the reader.
Keypad readers are also available in Access control systems and it is accessed by the secret numbers or letters assigned to authorised persons.
The readers with the combined features of proximity card,biometric and keypad also available for more security.The readers are also used for Time and Attendance Recorder Purpose.

Home Security System protects your house from intruders and thieves. You can make it by security alarms and surveillance systems. Some of the home security systems are Burlar Alarm System (Includes PIR motion Sensor, Door Sencor, Siren, Auto dialer, Vibration Sensor and Gas leakage Sensor), Video Door Phone, Security Camera, and Automatic Lights on System.

Burglar alarm is used to alert you when an intruder enters into your house when you are not there.When an intruder enters into your house,it sounds massively and gives panic to the intruder. It also rings to your phone for your attention.
Video door phones are available in black / white and colour. Video door phones are used instead of Calling Bells. The outdoor unit of the video door phone contains a camera and a calling button. The indoor unit of the video door phone contains a monitor and speaker. So without opening the door, you can watch and speak with the person who is calling from outside of your door.
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